"I am incredibly picky when it comes to getting work commissioned for my personal projects. So when it came time for me to get an original soundtrack composed for my web series “Shrapnel,” I came across the works created by Roman.

I liked his style, the mood and the atmosphere presented in his works, and I knew that he would be capable of writing for me what would best fit the world I wanted to create. He did not disappoint.

Roman is an incredibly gifted composer who has an amazing ear for creating the perfect melodies and tunes. He does this by working closely with you, asking for details and maintaining constant communication with his patrons. He is eager to please and always willing to do better. If I was not pleased with the way a certain track came out, Roman would start over from scratch and come up with an entirely different musical composition.

Music is such an integral part in film making and the character themes he has written for me has brought my characters to life in more ways than one. It has been a pleasure working with Roman, and I will without a doubt work with him again on future projects."


MUN KI KIM, Stop-Motion Puppeteer


"Roman Heuser is an amazing composer. Not only because of the quality of his music and mock ups, but also because he always surprises me with his compositions; fresh and different keeping his own style."


EDUARDO TARILONTE, composer and developer of famous sample libraries like "ERA II Medieval Legends", "Forest Kingdoms", "Mystica" and many more.

"I worked with Roman Heuser for the intro track of Inner Sanctum's latest release 'Legions Awake' and it was an absolute blast. Roman understood our requirements right from the get go and delivered an incredible product. A thorough professional, Roman is fabulous to work with and I will keep him in mind for all my future projects."


CHINTAN CHINNAPA, guitarist of award-winning Indian metal band "Inner Sanctum"